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These vehicles were not manufactured by, or by anyone having association with, Winnebago of the United States.

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These vehicles were not manufactured by, or by anyone having association with, Winnebago of the United States.

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The Avida Difference

The Birth of Avida

Avida was born way back in 1965. Back then an Australian family owned company began building motorhomes from a small suburban garage, later relocating to the present site in Western Sydney. They launched the famous Australian motorhome range onto the Australian market in 1978.

The name was changed to Avida in 2013 as a new beginning for the 21st century. Avida – a brand name that is totally Australian, one that focuses on everything Australian.

Its not the name but the experience that counts, experience that understands Australia and can build motorhomes for Australia's harsh and varied road conditions and climate.

The Avida Difference
The Avida Difference
The Avida Difference
The Avida Difference
The Avida Difference
The Avida Difference

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Avida Motorhome:

  • Our company is 100% Australian owned and operated, building motorhomes since 1965.
  • Avida RV Help: a FREE National roadside programme for all New Avida purchased.
  • Avida motorhomes have some of the highest resale values of any motorhomes.
  • Our Motorhome floors have a welded metal frame with block foam insulation and a metal under body that keeps out the grime and the heat from the exhaust and black asphalt.
  • We have fully framed side walls and roofs, block foam insulation bonded in a sandwich panel for the strongest ever side frame and roof. Class A and B and some class C models have a radius roof.
  • Our motorhomes are manufactured using the most advanced technology, materials and construction processes.
  • The laminating process is the only one of it's kind in Australia using PUR hot melt adhesive.
  • All cupboard frames are solid timber which are screwed together, not stapled.
  • Windows are made from either safety glass, or a dual pane polycarbonate hopper, with a Safety exit in all models.
  • The entry doors on all motorhome models are insulated heavy duty doors with dead bolts for your security.
  • Our cab over beds are a tilt up design with a one piece mattress giving you more comfort.
  • Depending on the model but most windows are of louvre design giving you security when open and maximum ventilation for your comfort.
  • Some of our motorhomes now come with a high stop light for your added safety on the road.
  • All of our motorhomes are tested in our "Monsoon" test bay. This is just one of the ways we ensure quality control prior to your Avida leaving the factory.
  • We have the largest, purpose built motorhome production facility in Australia with large service bays and an extensive spare parts division.
  • More Dealers throughout Australia and New Zealand than any other manufacturer to tend to your needs with a range of tailored finance packages available.
  • All motorhomes are fitted with appliances that have service agents throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • There is ample storage in all our motorhomes. The Longreach and Class A range have extra deep bins with pass-through storage sections.
  • Industry leading assurance, all our motorhomes come with a 2 year - 1 Million Km warranty with a 5 year structural guarantee*

Better Built

Avida has the most technologically advanced manufacturing plant in Australia. From the latest three dimensional CAD technologies, the computer numeric controlled cutting equipment, the unique PUR hot melt adhesive application and our laser measuring devices, to the first to introduce slide outs to Australia, the first to manufacture sandwich panels, the first to metal sheathe the underfloor and line the roof with EPDM rubber.

Avida strives to build motorhomes and campervans that are economical to run, friendly to the environment and offer peace of mind that we are behind you all the way with our national service network and free roadside assist program.


  • Chassis matching - Each motorhome model is matched and engineered to a specific chassis
  • Long lasting product - Built in Australia for Australian conditions and backed by the best warranty on the market
  • Full metal under floor protection - Metal sheeting protects the under body against rocks and road debris
  • Aerodynamic molded nosecones - Nose cones and rear walls are resilient to impact & decrease fuel usage
  • Resilient easy clean Superlite panel - Retains its strength year after year and offers easy wipe cleaning
  • Walls supported by the floor - No screwing walls to the side of the floor they sit on top for greater support
  • Under body corrosion proofing - Treated with corrosion proofing over welds and other modifications


  • Body chassis support - Each motorhome body is engineered to a selected chassis with approval and support from the chassis providers. The chassis must be capable of withstanding the constant weight of the body.
  • Body construction - Welded frame or technologically advanced interlocking materials provide strength to the body
  • Thicker wall frames - Wall frames are thicker than most, other brands providing stronger support for the roof
  • Stronger load bearing roof - Roofs are engineered to withstand loads
  • More polystyrene insulation - Body components are fully insulated with polystyrene for climate and noise control
  • Fully Insulated - Polystyrene insulation of up to 100mm thick for strength, climate protection and noise reduction
  • Floor board - Overlapping sheets and laminated interlocking construction ensures strength and joint creak minimized
  • Furniture is screwed not stapled - Cabinetry is stronger utilizing screwed frames and joins, no weak staples

Research & Development

  • Avida has invested heavily in design and engineering, both in skilled people familiar with RV engineering requirements and also in computer and technical equipment incorporating the latest in design and engineering software.
  • Each Avida model is designed with input from our dealers and customers together with planned strategies regarding the forecast direction of the RV Market.
  • Extensive planning sessions deliberate on the finest detail, at all times remaining mindful of government regulations, weight factors and customer desires.
  • Computer 3D prototyping assists in the development of design features and production techniques. Real prototyping on elements of each model allows for proper assessment of the suitability of certain features.
  • The final model is both road tested and "live" tested to ensure the final design is suitable and is capable of gaining market appeal.
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